Presenting Together

A Space for Circlers (and others)

Together is a software application that combines high quality audio/video with a 3D world where we see each other in a circle for a more real, warm, and connected experience of being together.

This is intended for you if you practice some form of conscious communication such as Circling, Focusing, Growth Dojo, Heart IQ, Radical Honesty, etc. Naming is difficult and the practices have different conventions. Together was designed with the practice of Circling in mind, so that's what I call it here. I have met a lot of people I care about in all forms of conscious communication that I have tried. And I want you all in Together so that I can continue knowing you.

Together is free. There is no cost to join or to stay. There is no cost scheduled for a future time. We don't pay anyone a salary for teaching or facilitating in Together. The technical work of building and maintaining Together is donated by us. The cost of running Together in the "cloud" is also donated by us. If we earn money from Together, it will be by licensing the underlying technology to people who use it for their business. But whether this happens or not, Together will remain free to the Circling community.

Together is intended as a supplement to your current Circling practice, whether that is on-line or in-person. I already facilitate in-person Circles where I live, and on-line Circles on a subscription platform. I expect to continue leading Circles in these spaces because that is how I do my small part of bringing the practice to the world. We do not offer Together as a place where someone will come to "learn" Circling from someone more skilled or experienced. Nobody here is responsible for teaching or for coaching. The price of admission is that you are able to hold the container for yourself. Together is for Circling with your peers.

As I write this, only a few people have used Together. I want to emphasize that this is a software application that has to be installed, either on a Windows or Mac computer. We have worked hard to make the installation process painless, yet some people get excited about the concept of Together and then decline to install it. I am telling you this because I want you to know that I both understand and suffer when this happens. If you just want to Circle, welcome! If you feel like working with us testing and shaping this new Circling space, welcome! If you're just curious, welcome!

Once we have a lot of people using Together, I really don't know what that will be like. Everyone will have their own idea of what Circling is to them and how they relate to other people who Circle. I feel my fear as I imagine people encountering one another in a context-free space and reacting in pain and anger when their shadows are triggered. And I feel my hope as I imagine people encountering one another in a context-free space and finding more truth, creating more meaning, feeling more curiosity about and acceptance of the other. When I ask you to hold the container for yourself, I mean be able to express and hold your boundaries, own your experience, honor yourself and others. You can Circle with whoever you choose and you might experience that everyone or not everyone wants to Circle with you. Anyone can create a Circle and decide what form it will take, whether or not it will be facilitated, who is invited, and how long it will last. Anyone can drop into the Together space at any time just to see who else is there, what they're doing, whether there's a Circle they might like to join. And let's find out what that's like.

The "we" in this message are Guillaume and Barbara, the creators and maintainers of Together. The "I" in this message is Barbara. If you want more information on what Together looks like or how it works or why we did things the way we did, then check out the rest of this website.

Send us a message at if you want to install the software and join the space.