Who are we?

We are Guillaume and Barbara, two software developers who practice Circling. For the past 10 years, Guillaume has been working with his own computer language to create an application that he envisioned would be used for gaming and teaching. Since we met in person, I (Barbara) have been working with him to expand it for Circling.

Guillaume and I first met through on-line Circling. We eventually had a coffee date, and then he showed me the application he was working on. At the time it was a 3D world with building blocks to create things in it and avatars to run around and explore it. I wondered how that environment might be good for Circling on-line. I thought it might add a to the sense of "being-with" to be in an immersive world together, with a sense of where everyone is relative to everyone else. We also felt inspired that in software we create, we could add features that we couldn't even imagine yet to support Circling or Authentic Relating Games.

Since then we have been working together on Together.
a cup of coffee Bella on the couch

This is where we write something about Guillaume.

Barbara in a messy kitchen

This is where we write something about Barbara.